Corporate Profile

Corporate Outline

Name JO Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Representative Yutaka Fukuda, President
Capital \60,000,000
Employees 250 (Tokyo)
Main products Cosmetics (makeup and skincare), quasi-drugs
Main export countries USA, China, EU, ASEAN, South Korea, Taiwan
Offices/Plants Tokyo (Omori), Saitama (Hanyu)
Organizations Tokyo Cosmetic Industry Association

Business Activities

Technology-led OEM manufacturing services in support of customers’ brands in the cosmetics and quasi-drug industry, ranging from product planning to research, development and production

Corporate Philosophy

JO Cosmetics’ Mission We bring happiness to all of our customers and help them to fulfill their dreams, by quickly translating needs in the beauty creation industry into products that people need and will want to order again and again.


November1987 JO Cosmetics established
February1988 Start of operations at Head Office Plant
March1993 Completion of Head Office building
May1993 Business partnership in France
June1995 Business partnership in USA
September1995 Start of operations at Hanyu Plant
February2000 ISO 9001 certification
July2012 Start of operations at Tokyo Plant
January2014 ISO 22716 certification (cosmetics GMP)

Environmental Policy

  1. We will undertake environmental activities and make every effort to protect the environment.
  2. We will do everything we can to minimize the environmental impact of our activities.
  3. We will make the most of precious resources and energy.
  4. We will comply with all environmental legislation and strive to raise awareness.
  5. We will work in partnership with local communities and society as a whole.

Quality Policy

We provide our customers with products that guarantee satisfaction.

  1. Legal compliance
  2. Precise delivery dates and volumes
  3. Appropriate level of quality and service in line with customers’ requirements
  4. Reduced costs and labor
  5. All responsibilities carried out

Purchasing Policy

  1. We comply with laws and regulations of fair trade, fair competition and prohibition of private monopolization.
  2. We don’t provide or accept gifts or reception that may cause distrust regarding our fairness.


Head Office

Completed in March 1993, our Head Office is home to both our sales and research divisions.

Address: 3-11-14 Omori Nishi, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0015


Tokyo Plant

Our Tokyo Plant is equipped with a full range of facilities to meet customers’ varied needs, from makeup to skincare.

Address: 1-8-15 Omori Nishi, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0015


Hanyu Plant

Our Hanyu Plant is equipped with huge vacuum emulsification tanks and a full range of filling equipment, enabling it to handle mass production.

Address: 1-603-36 Komatsudai, Hanyu, Saitama prefecture, 348-0038


Head Office Plant

Our Head Office Plant mainly manufactures foundation, eye shadow and other makeup products, but is also equipped to handle small-lot orders. Powder products are manufactured on a dedicated floor capable of handling the entire process. As well as manufacturing products quickly, this enables us to rigorously control the environment, so as to prevent powders from getting out and contaminants from getting in.

Address: 3-12-10 Omori Nishi, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0015