JO Cosmetics provides the following services.


From procuring raw materials to manufacturing products, we formulate meticulous plans and carry out production on a “just-in-time” basis, providing customers with precisely what they need, when they need it.

New Product Development

We also provide full ODM services, from planning to development, as well as integrated support in areas such as marketing and distribution.

Technology Development

With advances in technology and quality on an almost daily basis in the cosmetics industry, it is absolutely essential to develop new materials. We are committed to research and development across a wide range of fields, including developing innovative formulation technologies as well as highly functional materials.

Analysis, Pharmaceutical Legislation and Patents

We provide quick and effective services ranging from analysis of ingredients to pharmaceutical and patent applications.

Marketing Support

We conduct market research so that we can keep a close eye on market needs and demand, and provide solutions for our customers.

Packaging/Container Development

Packaging is another key element when developing cosmetics. We offer original packaging and container solutions to suit every concept.

Other Services

We provide friendly and helpful services for customers ordering OEM cosmetics for the first time, or customers struggling with cosmetic manufacturing. Please feel free to send us an inquiry.