JO Cosumetics’ STRENGTHS

We provide comprehensive and timely services that cater to a wide range of needs within the cosmetics business.

Here at JO Cosmetics, we act as an OEM partner for cosmetic manufacturers all over the world, working together from the planning stage, and provide a total range of services designed to continually cater to our customers’ needs, based around a three-pronged approach consisting of R&D, manufacturing and quality control.

Almighty and Timely Examining the formula Planning/concept Shipping products Quality control Manufacturing products Finalizing the formul


We provide optimum solutions in line with our customers’ needs.

We can handle everything in our capacity as a specialist cosmetic OEM company, from planning concepts to developing products, manufacturing and dealing with pharmaceutical legislation.

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We provide a wide range of products, from different types of makeup to skincare.

While concentrating on skincare products, we also provide manufacturing support for a wide range of other products, including UV care, base makeup, point makeup, hair care and quasi-drugs.

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We conduct ongoing research so that we are always one step ahead.

We place top priority on customer satisfaction and carry out comprehensive research to ensure that our products offer total safety and peace of mind. This includes everything from developing product technologies through to evaluating microorganisms, functionality, stability and safety, and researching new ingredients.

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We operate a flexible production system, even when manufacturing varied products in small volumes.

We provide support via our integrated production system, which includes vacuum emulsification tanks of varying sizes and a wide range of other production and filling equipment.

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Quality Control

We have our own quality control system in place, based on good manufacturing practice (GMP) in the cosmetics industry.

As cosmetic products come into direct contact with people’s skin, we take the utmost care to ensure safety and peace of mind at every stage, from taking receipt of ingredients and materials to shipping finished products. We have established quality control procedures based on GMP in the cosmetics industry and always deliver products as per the design.

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